Jual Electrosurgical zeus – ESU adalah alat bedah yang memanfaatkan frekwensi tinggi dari arus listrik untuk memotong, mengentalkan dan mengeringkan jaringan. Tujannya agar pasien tidak mengalami pendarahan selama operasi berlangsung.

Spesifikasi electrosurgical zeus

  • 10 storage are available by using user storage function.
  • 2 (two) monopolar handpiece can be connected to the device.
  • Bipolar cut function is available.
  • A display window allows you to easily check output value, indicated as digits.
  • Unit provides various functions that are required to perform an operation as functional
    • cut mode (Pure cut, Blend1, Blend2, Blend3)
    • Coagulation Mode (Spray coagulation, Contact coagulation)
    • Bipolar coagulation mode by hand or foot
    • Bipolar cut (only available in ZEUS upgraded version)
  • Each working condition can be checked by sound and indication lamp.
  • Hand bipolar (Auto bipolar) can be checked only by contacting forceps.
  • Unit output strong and stable power by Micro-processor.
  • Input power frequency is automatically detected.
  • A fuse which is built in a power circuit board prevents over current from flowing through the equipment.
  • When the plate attached to the patient is disconnected, red alarm light begins flickering.
  • REM (Return Electrode Monitoring) function monitors the size of contacting area between a patient and the pad.
    If size is inappropriate, it automatically blocks the high-frequency current to minimize the danger of burning incident.
  • To protect a patient, the case is fully grounded so that a leakage current can flow into the earth.

Jual ESU 400 Zeus. Lengkapi kebutuhan medis untuk operasi di rumah sakit anda dengan ESU 400 watt merk Zeus. Kualitas produk ini kami dijamin yang terbaik. lihat juga ESU Doctanz